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Welcome To Our Site

TElnet bbs.deepspacegateway.net port 2523

Bush flying using Flight Simulator X, fs2002 and FS2004-xplane in the works

Flight Simulator Hosting using FSHostspy


Sorry No Airliners- General Aviation only

Deep Space Gateway Runs on EZYCOM 3.0 Software

Located In Crystal River FL

 Deep Space Gateway BBS News
This BBS runs on old technology! It's also running on New Technology, Windows 10  32 bit. Who says you have to have a new modern bbs.  
Ezycom is a shareware Bulletin Board System (BBS) program, first introduced for MS-DOS by Peter Davies in 1991.


As for the BBS

Deep Space Gateway BBS is not all about News, We have Message base's like Fidonet, Survnet,FSXnet, Agoranet and Metronet we will be adding more as time go's on. We also will be adding door games and soon we will be starting our Fishing Tournament's called Fresh Water Fishing  which has Prizes for the winners. We still have a lot of work to do so stop back again!

Thanks for Stopping By!

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Last update 10/1/2021